Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vote for Disarmed Wampa

My Disarmed Wampa design is now available for voting on the Threadless website. If you have the time, I would really appreciate your vote. You can vote for the design here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Image of the Week -- Wk. 15

I know that I posted a new Image of the Week yesterday, but I have a reason to post this picture (which turned out wonderfully) and I figured that others might enjoy it as well.

New T-Shirt Design -- Disarmed Wampa

Don't know if you are familiar with Wampa's or not... They come from the world of Star Wars, in particular, The Empire Strikes Back. In the beginning of the film Luke Skywalker attacked and kidnapped by a huge ice monster (the Wampa) and held captive (for later ingestion). Luke makes an escape by retrieving his lightsaber and cutting off one of the wampa's arms. Hence the inspiration for the design Disarmed Wampa. I am having it critiqued on right now, if anyone has any comments or suggestions about the design head over and check it out. I will be submitting it to actual judging in a few days and would appreciate your vote if you have a account (they're free). I will post again when I submit it for judging.

Solo Archive Work -- 12

I created this identity some time ago for a local computer hardware store. Kept a tech feel incorporated with the flow of movement and speed that has a great importance within the computer world (always upgrading). One of the few (maybe the only) logos I have designed that incorporated an effect (the glowing red dot) but, after much deliberation, I decided that it was significant enough to incorporate (like a power light) and it made the design a bit more dynamic.

Inspiration -- 10

Been doing some freelance work for an ad agency recently and it has been a trial to deal with the obscene limitations that so many businesses have on the marketing campaigns. It is so refreshing to see packaging like this, devoid of sub-par imagery, crazy fonts, and neon colors. I wish I had the opportunity to do designs like this...

Image of the Week -- Wk 14

In my design work I am always trying to come up with new and interesting patterns to supplement or communicate in a print. It is awe inspiring to see such brilliant patterns created in nature by the omnipotent Master of design.

Design Talk 2

The second design talk went over very well with a good turnout. We are having an encore lecture this Saturday for anyone who missed the first one. Stop by, pick up a copy of the limited edition event poster.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Event -- Design Talk 2

Poster design for the next design conference (opening night is tomorrow at 7:00 pm at my studio). Stop by if you can. The speeches will be as follows: The Colors That Bleed Into One (my talk), Color Theory, and Name, Type and Color. So I think you get the idea that this conference is color focused. There will be two talk, the first is this Saturday, the second is next Saturday.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Upcoming Event -- Design Conference

Just wanted to remind everyone who is interested that the encore presentation of the first design talk will take place tomorrow at the DbS studio at 7:00pm. We had a really good presentation and turnout with last weeks talk, so if you missed it or want to come again please stop by.

Solo Archive Work -- 11

This is the branding I did for the country music singer Jonalee White (with and without her slogan). This was primarily created for the branding of her t-shirts and a stage backdrop, which I also designed.

Inspiration -- 9

A really nice design with a great color scheme and layout. Really like the positioning of the copy at the bottom of the page and the different hues used in the title are very complimentary.

Image of the Week -- Wk. 13

Thought this might be a fun pic for the spring time. Captured this last summer with my Canon 350D at the farm of friend. Cattle are pretty fun to observe... It seems pretty amazing how docile such a large, powerful animal can be.